Private Group Ghost Hunting Events

Are you planning a Birthday? Special Occasion? or a Night out with Friends?

If the answer is YES then do something different - A Private group ghost hunting experience

Your private group (birthdays, hen nights, company team building) can spend a night in a genuine haunted location with your friends; a Castle, Fort, Mansion, Museum, Jail, Mine or Hotel.

Participate in Séances, Vigils, EVP Experiments, Ouija boards, Automatic writing and much more. We are organisers of the best public and private ghost hunting events in the South of England and we'll endeavour to give you the evidence that ghosts are real by giving you the opportunity to have a physical experience of your own. This is a serious overnight ghost hunt (paranormal investigation), and is conducted with our team of professional Mediums and paranormal investigators.

We have a number of venues which we are able to organise a private group ghost hunt.
Below are the venues that we can arrange a private ghost hunt for you & the approximate costs.
The actual price will depend on the date, whether you require any food and the final number of people.

All private bookings will require a 50% deposit on booking with the balance due three weeks before the event.

The Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel

Private Hire Cost


Maximum people allowed for this price 30

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Information on The Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel

The Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel · Dartford, Kent

The Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel in Dartford, Kent is Dartford's oldest inn built in the 14th century and was probably owned by Dartford's Priory. The 'Bull' in the name refers not to the animal, but to 'bulla' – a seal, or a papal edict secured by a seal. The Inn's early name was the 'Holy Bull' – the holy seal or holy edict.

The Inn was rebuilt in 1703 with a gallery overlooking the yard, into which stagecoaches and carriages would enter through an entrance twice as wide as it is today.

The open yard was glazed over by the landlord in 1826 to provide a sheltered corn exchange. Over 100 years ago (1906), the workmen digging in front of the Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel at Dartford High Street in order to lay paving discovered the remains of the old town of Dartford. Unfortunately, most of the artefacts were damaged, the items that survived are now in Dartford Museum.

Famous guests have included, Cornish engineer Richard Trevithick who lived and died here. Her Majesty Queen Victoria stayed here in 1836, which then permitted the Hotel to use the Royal prefix.

A ghostly child (8 years old who died of turberculosis in the hotel) called Winifred makes her presence known by smashing glasses! Other reported sightings are that of a cigar smoking Cavalier and a phantom dog that likes to warm guests' feet. A phantom butterfly has also been seen in the hotel. Staff and hotel guests have also reporting hearing a phantom bell when ascending the front staircase to the first floor.

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Bilsington Priory

Private Hire Cost


Maximum people allowed for this price 24

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Information on Bilsington Priory

Bilsington Priory · Ashford, Kent

St Augustine's Priory, Bilsington, Kent was founded by John Mansel in June 1253 with the consent of Henry III and the Archbishop of Canterbury professing the rule of St Augustine.

The foundation charter was confirmed by a charter of Henry III, dated 12 June, 1253, which was confirmed afterwards by Henry VI in 1444 and Edward IV in 1466.

St Augustine's Priory was surrendered to the crown in 1535 and it was abandoned at Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries in 1538.

During the 1820s it was a base for smuggling gangs namely the Ransley Gang and The Aldington Gang. The Priory was restored 1906 by J.T. Micklethwaite, Architect

During the Second World War troops were billeted at St Augustine's Priory and at some point it was also an infirmary.

St Augustine's Priory has had a long and varied history and during our site visit we came across two Canadian Soldiers from the Second World War and a lady in Victorian dress lazing near to the pond.

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Beacon Hill Fort

Private Hire Cost


Maximum people allowed for this price 20

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Information on Beacon Hill Fort
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Beacon Hill Fort · Harwich, Essex

Beacon Hill Fort in Harwich, Essex was originally three blockhouses, constructed during the reign of Henry VIII, following his visit to the town in 1543.

The site was chosen for Harwich Barracks. These were built in 1803. They subsequently housed most of the Harwich army and militia camp during almost the whole French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars era, and a naval signal station.

In 1889 work began on a totally new fort, which was completed in 1892. The fort saw use in World War One, and was re-adapted in World War Two. The Beacon Hill site also from time to time housed anti-aircraft guns and torpedo tubes.

The fort was finally decommissioned in 1956.

Uncertainty still surrounds the death of Gregory Chung whose burnt and decomposing body was found at the Beacon Hill fort at Harwich in 2000. A murder inquiry was launched but the inquest heard it was probable Mr Chung, 23, set fire to himself.

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Harwich Redoubt Fort

Private Hire Cost


Maximum people allowed for this price 24

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Information on Harwich Redoubt Fort
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Harwich Redoubt Fort · Harwich, Essex

Harwich Redoubt Fort in Harwich, Essex was constructed between 1808 and 1810 to protect the port of Harwich against the threat of Napoleonic invasion. The fort was constructed on a hill, which allowed views in all directions.

French prisoners of war were made to help construct the fort. The fort has a central parade ground. It was originally armed with ten 24 pounder cannons. In 1861 a 68 pounder cannon was added to the fort's weapon range.

Later in 1903 three 12 pounder QF guns were added to the fort. Despite the ongoing modernisation no shot was fired in force. In the 1920s the redoubt was falling into disrepair. The fort was briefly used during the Second World War to house British troops awaiting trial. Restoration started in 1969 and still continues today.

Ghostly Activity
Witnesses have reportedly seen apparitions through the windows and heard unexplained footsteps. Many visitors to the fort have also reported being touched by unseen hands in the lower casements. There have also been many other mysterious noises and apparitions seen by visitors.

The fort is well known for the apparition of a headless soldier. In 1972 a soldier was decapitated by a cable attached to a 12 ton cannon which broke under the strain. It is rumoured that this soldier now roams the fort.

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We can also offer private outdoor events
You can Request a private group booking from 4 - 12 people for many of our outdoor locations and you can select a date from the booking form.
Larger groups can be accommodated on request.
The price is £15 per person

Contact us today with your requirements

Ghost Hunt Events will plan and run your private group ghost hunting experience and make it memorable for many years to come.

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