Old Fire Station Ghost Hunt - Ramsgate, Kent - 2023

29th September 2023 ~ 8:00pm until 2:00am ~ Tickets £35 per person

Old Fire Station Old Fire Station Old Fire Station

Experience a night of ghost hunting at Old Fire Station, Ramsgate, Kent with Ghost Hunt Events on 29th September 2023, 8:00pm until 2:00am. Tickets £35 per person.

History of Old Fire Station
The Old Fire Station in Ramsgate, Kent was originally the residence of Rear Admiral William Fox from 1789. In 1905 it was remodelled to incorporate two large fire bays, between which was installed a bronze plaque complete with fire bell to form the Town's Fire Station.

The Fire Brigade left in 2018 to a new building. A total of 113 years.

The Old Fire Station has now been renamed Radford House.

Many people to the building have witnessed strange sensations as well as seeing unexplained figures, especially on the staircase.

What to Expect

Our team of experienced investigators will be on hand throughout the night so that you can participate in:-
- Séances
- Vigils (in the dark)
- EVP (Ghost Voice) Experiments
- Ouija boards / Glass Divination
- Automatic writing, Dowsing and Pendulums
- Table tilting & rapping
- Use of our ghost hunting equipment
and much more with our experienced Mediums & Paranormal Investigators.

Event will include:-
- Usual group size 8/10 people (but may be a maximum of 15 on rare occasions)
- The number of groups depends on venue size.
- No lengthy briefings or workshops
- Controlled sessions & 45mins - 1 hour with our Mediums
- Free time for you to investigate / explore on your own
- Opportunity for lone vigils throughout the evening
- Regular breaks

We can't guarantee spiritual or ghostly activity but we can guarantee that everything you experience will be 100% real.

Old Fire Station Ghost Hunt
Date: 29th September 2023
Time: 8:00pm until 2:00am
Tickets: £35 per person - Deposit (£20) bookings available

Please note

Over 18s only - No accommodation provided - Unsuitable for guests with limited mobility
Complimentary Tea, Coffee and Biscuits are provided for free in the breaks.

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Location of Old Fire Station

What Happens at the Event

Our events are always 100% investigation and vigil events, we won't waste time by taking you on a history tour of the venue.

We will not usually talk about the history of the building unless people ask us to do so.
We don't hold workshops or briefing on equipment usage. Any equipment that you will be using throughout the event will be explained at the start of each session by our team leaders.

For the first few hours (usually 1 hour per session) you will be in a group and you will spend time with our Mediums doing séances, where they will try to get the active spirit to move you in some way (this is not designed to scare you) and with our paranormal investigators doing experiments, table tilting, glass divination, Ouija boards, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments and other equipment experiments using the latest ghost hunting equipment.

After these controlled sessions you will have the opportunity to venture off on your own or in small groups to explore the venue or to hold lone vigils or re-visiting an activity that you enjoyed in our controlled sessions. In this part of the night you can use our ghost hunting equipment to do your own ghost hunt. You may take photos/videos with your own cameras throughout our ghost hunts. You may also use any of your own ghost hunting equipment during our controlled sessions.

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