VIP Privilege


Some events have space or time allocated for VIP guests.

What does this mean?
Guests who pay to be VIP members for the night will get:-
- More time to talk to the team leaders
- More time in the most haunted room(s)/area
- Tour of the venue
- Special Access to the latest ghost hunting equipment not normally used by our guests
- More time at the venue (normally 45 minutes at the start of the night and 15 minutes at the end)

The VIP Privilege costs £5 or £10 on top of the ticket price (price depends on the number of rooms at the venue).

Events available for VIP Privilege

The prices listed below are the VIP prices.


Book Merley House on 9th March 2024 - £51 per person - 3 tickets available


Book Red Lion Hotel on 16th March 2024 - £55 per person - 14 tickets available


Book Fort Horsted on 23rd March 2024 - £56 per person - 7 tickets available


Book Slough Fort on 12th April 2024 - £45 per person - 11 tickets available


Book Nothe Fort on 13th April 2024 - £60 per person - 7 tickets available


Book Beacon Hill Fort on 27th April 2024 - £45 per person - 10 tickets available


Book Landguard Fort on 4th May 2024 - £60 per person - 4 tickets available

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